Facial Abuse Porn Video : Vanessa Holmes

Girls like this don't end up on our couch typically. By the time most of the whores shoot for us, they're shot out trash who's next step is blowing dudes for $25 in some motel hell. A hot teen piece of cooze like Vanessa Holmes (who just turned 18 four months ago by the way) is a rare find... for any site. I'm talking diamond in the rough. She has a baby face, sexy body and mouth-watering natural tits. This girl can be a star... she SHOULD be a star. Yet, today she is nothing more than a complete and utter failure who did nothing more than drive several hours for gas money and the shame that will be brought upon her family. It happens. Some bitches tap out. Normally, I couldn't care less. Good riddance! This one, however, I would have LOVED to see finish the scene.

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